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Beginner’s Fundamental Jiu Jitsu


Gracie Jiu Jitsu is all about the basic fundamentals. Grandmaster Helio gracie always said fighting and defense should be effective, not fancy. When learning to protect yourself, the martial art you practice should be easy enough for anyone to practice and not rely on physical attribute and athleticism to be able to perform  the movements involved. That is why at Gracie San Marcos we start everyone of with our basic Fundamental’s program, so you can learn how the body works and how to make jiu jitsu work for you!

Are you a new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Martial Arts in general? This is what we have to say!

  • People generally are a little nervous for their first BJJ class. Its normal and just know that we are here to help you learn and take care of you all the way through.
  • The philosophy at Gracie San Marcos is to get the beginner’s as good as the black belts one day; We want you as a training partner to push us as we will push you.
  • We focus on the self defense aspect of jiu jitsu first, so we know and are confident that you will be able to protect yourself if the situation arises.
  • Training in Martial Arts should be fun and that is exactly how we make it for you. Come in, see friends, laugh, and have a good time all while getting in the best physical and mental shape of your life.
  • We do let all of our new students compete once they understand enough about jiu jitsu, and we also let our students train anywhere they want as we believe you should step out of the box to better yourself.
  • We allow our student to cross train at other gyms as we are in no way insecure about our abilities as instructors or the way we treat our students, which is like family to us!!!!!
  • We have all kinds of packages for training such as semi private lesson’s and private lessons, we will hold seminars, have special training days, as well as team building events.
  • Jiu jitsu will only help you in your life to build confidence, self esteem, focus, discipline, and much , much more………
  • They most fun way to get fit and in great shape is to learn self defense and martial arts.
  • Why run or lift weight to exercise when you can learn a new useful skill, and train the mind as well. Doing crossfire and weightlifting is good, but it in know way develops the mind like martial arts does.
  • Come have fun, learn, meet new friends that could last the rest of your life, when you train with someone all the time in martial arts you develop a bond that just does not break as easily as you and your partner’s know what you go through to get to where your at on the mat.

Beginner BJJ Classes in San Marcos

Beginner Jiu Jitsu Classes in San Marcos

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics program

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics program

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