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Mick Moylan from San Marcos BJJ academy.

Gracie San Marcos Kids Jiu Jitsu program, which is the best in North San Diego County, has all the aspect of teaching martial arts to kids. Not only are we the most successful in the actual application of self defense we also teach your child how to be a good person as well. Some kids learn martial arts, but do not know how or when to use it. We will give your child confidence, build self esteem, teach them respect, give them focus through focus drills, get a better balance, become more athletic, and much, much more all through something as simple and fun as learning Gracie Jiu Jitsu. What is better than watching your child grow in positive ways? Is how about for you to grow with them and learn GJJ along side your family!

What Can Martial Arts Do for your Child?

  • Jiu Jitsu help Build a Child’s balance and coordination.
  • Getting kids into BJJ at an early age can be one of the best gifts to give a child.
  • By developing a kids balance at an early age can help later in life for all other sports they may try.
  • Starting Jiu Jitsu at such an early age can make them athletic and give them the gift of a healthy energetic lifestyle.
  • Martial Arts will help build a child’s confidence and self esteem.
  • As kids become more confident in class , this will transfer over to studies and personal relationships throughout their lives.
  • Martial Arts also helps build children’s social skills.
  • Self Defense will help your child become more focused through specific drills and concentration.
  • Creating discipline in your kids life will help in school, outside sports, and healthy lifestyle.
  • Kids learn the importance of Hygiene and tidiness, through keeping their Kimono tied, clean, and neat.
  • Kids Martial Arts programs teach that hard work and due diligence produces results on the mat and in life.
  • Getting your child into something positive will only help their chances to become a more complete human being when they grow up.
  • If this sound good to you bring your child in for a FREE trial!

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