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Self Defense

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self Defense program is designed to teach your the basic differences between actual self defense and competition martial arts. If your Jiu Jitsu instructor doesn’t let you know the difference how are you supposed to know? Well first off you should probably leave the academy if this is the case, because if your not taught, its because they don’t know. When the lines blur between the 2 it can be very dangerous in a real life situation. At Gracie SM we will show your how to defend against attacker with and without weapons. You never know what the attacker will do so it is wise to be well prepared in all area’s of self defense. Most attacks end up in some sort of clinch(attacker grabbing you) and this is where Gracie Jiu Jitsu stands above the rest!

Gracie Humait Jiu Jitsu's Self Defense Programs!

  • Learn to use Gracie Jiu Jitsu’s weapon’s defense system, only taught at Gracie Academies.
  • Most jiu jitsu gyms self defense programs actually focus on basics of competition and not a true form of self defense. If you are not learning to defend strikes (punch, kick, knee, elbow, and head butts)on the ground , then you are not learning self defense! At Gracie Humaita San Marcos we focus the self defense first and make sure our students understand this aspect first.
  • Our Curriculum at Gracie Humaita is rotating between 3 different basic programs, and is always being updated and tweaked for the students enjoyment.
  • Self defense is a perfect way for you not only to develop your body shape, but your mentality shape as well. Its very important to develop a strong mind as well as body, so you can continue to build an inner strength that will help your will power stay strong!
  • Having fun in self defense classes is a must and at Gracie San Marcos we know how to make our classes fun through drilling, adding scenarios, and games to help develop technique.
  • We are confident that you will excel through our programs and have the time of you life, while making new friends, getting in great shape, and feeling very good about yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get started now by clicking the link below and sending us your information.

Royler Showing a self defense technique

Royler Showing a self defense technique

Karate or Jiu jitsu Ethan?

Karate or Jiu jitsu for self defense, Ethan?

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